5 Costly Workout Mistakes That Are Holding You Back

Workout mistakes that you need to avoid!

When you’re trying to lose weight or get healthier with exercise,  it’s not always easy to know who to listen to. There are many false promises out there like “Lose Weight By Eating This One Simple Food” or “5 Moves To a Better Booty” or “5 Foods To A Leaner Stomach”… And the list can keep going and going…

Here are a few things you should consider before listening to anyone about how to lose weight. These quick and simple tips will help you make wiser decisions… And keep reading to find a weight loss solution that is helping 1,000’s of people lose weight every single day!

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1. Extreme Workouts Means Better & Faster Results

Many times people feel like they need to collapse during a workout or feel extremely sore the next day in order to really lose weight. This is completely WRONG!

Yes, if you’re new to working out, you will feel sore the next day until you get used to exercising. However, you don’t need to injury yourself or collapse during a workout to lose weight. In fact, you just need a workout that’s challenging to you. And exercise only plays a small part in losing weight. There’s something much bigger you need to worry about…

2. All I Have To Do Is Exercise To Lose Weight

You can never out exercise a bad diet. If you want to lose weight, you need to change the way you eat. What you eat is much more important than the type of exercise that you do. You can go walking everyday and still lose weight IF you’re eating right.

Research has shown that eating at a calorie deficit and eating a ratio of 40% Carbs, 30% Fat, and 30% Protein is GREAT for weight loss and long term health. Keep reading to find out how to easily keep track of all of this without counting calories!

3. Woman Will Get Bulky By Lifting Weights

If you want to get rid of the arm jiggle, then you need some form of resistance training in your workout routine. By lifting light weights, woman will gain lean and sexy looking arms without the bulk.

Additionally, it’s much harder for woman to get bulky than man because of the lack of testosterone. If a woman wanted to get bulky, she would have to lift very heavy weights and find a way to increase her testosterone.

4. Heavily Cardio Based Workouts Are Best For Weight Loss

Yes and No… It’s true you can’t lose weight and build bulky muscles at the same time. However, to get a lean and sexy figure, you’ll want to not only drop the pounds with cardio; you’ll also want to tighten up your body with resistance moves.

These resistance moves can vary from body weight exercises to using dumbbells and resistance bands. By doing both cardio and resistance exercises, you’ll shed the pounds and chisel your body into a lean and sexy masterpiece! Instead of losing pounds on the scale and then having loose and jiggly skin.

5. Long Workouts Are Best For Losing Weight

Much like people believe having an intense workout is best, some people believe that putting in more hours in a gym is the best use of their time. Study after study however; have shown that a challenging 30 minute workout can burn more calories than a moderate, hour long workout.

The key here is for you to find a challenging workout for you. Do not fall victim into thinking you can’t get a good exercise in only 30 minutes.

Remember, exercising is important to losing weight and improving your health, however, 80% of your results that you ultimately get is due to what you eat! Imagine this, finally having a step-by-step guide that ensures you get the body you desire… Everyday, you’ll get up feeling more energized and happier as you see the pounds falling off in front of your bathroom mirror.

Feel Fuller And Lose Weight with The Right Nutrition Plan

Feel Fuller And Lose Weight with The Right Nutrition Plan

Unfortunately, there is a problem… Working out hard every day is not all you need to do in order to lose weight… However, the following Weight Loss Solution will help you by making sure:

  • You Eat The Correct Number Of Calories For Optimal Weight Loss
  • You Get The Right Nutritional Balance For Weight Loss & Health
  • You Get Several Eating Options & Recipes
  • You Get Challenging 30 Minute Workouts That Offers a Modifier and Both Cardio & Resistance Moves
  • And You’ll Get Much More…

The 21 Day Fix workout program by Autumn Calabrese was created to help you lose up to 15 lbs in 21 days through simple fitness and simple eating – through its Portion Control eating system and seven, 30-minute workouts each week.

21 Day Fixer Desiree loved the 21 Day Fix because the workouts were easy for a Stay at Home Mother to do. She lost 8 pounds and 7 inches in 21 days, said the following: “For those people that have a commitment issue when it comes to health and exercise, there are no more excuses. This program hits ALL areas: exercise, nutrition, portion control and focus.

21 day fix results jamieJamie didn’t love her figure, and when her roommate brought home 21 Day Fix, she decided she’d try it too. She lost 15 pounds and 6 inches. She says: “I’ve learned changing some of the foods I eat was not nearly as hard as I had always made it… I also learned that I don’t need to kill myself to get a good workout and to see results.

Before creating the 21 Day Fix system, Autumn Calabrese noticed her clients had trouble losing weight. She was doing all she could to encourage her clients in the gym and they were working as hard as they could, however nothing was being shown on the scale.

Until, finally, one day she had lunch with her clients and she witnessed them eating large portions of what would be considered healthy foods. In short, her clients were not getting the weight loss results they desired because they were Healthy Over Eating.

This lead Autumn to create a system that would help people keep track of their nutritional intake without keeping track of several numbers every single day. The 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack System makes it so that you start dropping pounds and get a leaner body without counting calories, without eating tasteless and bland foods, and without feeling like you’re starving yourself.

In fact, many people on the 21 Day Fix System felt SO FULL that they couldn’t always eat all the food they were suppose to eat. Just check out the 21 Day Fix Challenge pack below….

Order 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack!Order 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

Let’s take a small look at what you will receive with your 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack:

21 Day Fix Eating Plan

21 Day Fix Eating Plan
  • On pages 1-7, you’ll go through 5 super simple steps to learn how to keep track of your calories without counting! Plus, set up your diet so that you are nutritionally balanced in order to encourage rapid fat loss!
  • On pages 20-37, you’ll discover huge lists of possible foods you can use for each of your color coded, portion control containers that you’ll love!
  • On pages 41-59, you’ll find the complete super-tasty 21 Day Fix recipe guide… These are easy to make recipes that you’ll drool over and can’t wait to make
  • On pages 60-69, you’ll discover heavenly and simple desserts that will destroy any sweet tooth craving!
  • On pages 70-71, you’ll see a long list of foods you can easily enjoy at any restaurant that will help you stay on track!
21 Day Fix Portion Control Containers

21 Day Fix Portion Control Containers

This is crucial to your weight loss success because people fail at keeping track of what they eat… After all, weight loss is not about being a mathematician, weighing out food, or keeping track of every single protein, carb, and fat… Instead, with the 21 day fix color coded containers, you’ll be introduced to THE ONLY painless way to keep track of your food!

21 Day Fix Workouts

21 Day Fix Workouts

With the 21 Day Fix workouts, you guarantee you get a leaner and more defined body. And these workouts are only 30 minutes a day, you get 6 different workouts, and they offer a modifier for beginners… In short, these workouts fit into anyone’s busy schedule and are made to be easy to follow so that anyone can do it!

ShakeologyShakeology is a nutrient dense, super-food drink that has been found to:

  • Help With Continuous Weight Loss Over Time (Clinically proven)
  • Lower Cholesterol (Clinically proven)
  • Lower Blood Sugar (Clinically proven)
  • Reduced Hunger & Food Cravings
  • Promote Healthier Skin, Hair, and Nails
  • Increase Energy
  • Boost Immune System
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improve Digestion & Regularity

As you’ve probably notice by now, the 21 Day Fix is by far the easiest & most detailed diet you can follow… As it allows you to easily figure out how much you need to eat to lose weight… Preventing you from hitting a weight loss plateau or storing more fat!

The results come fast too… In fact, many 21 Day Fixers report they drop up to 15 pounds of their unwanted body weight in only 21 short days!… And that is amazing considering they are seeing these results and experiencing this transformation while eating… Savory stuffed green peppers… supreme pita pizzas… even bacon cheese burgers with a side of sweet potatoes fries… and of course little treats like chocolate chip brownie muffins…

21 Day Fix results: AmyJust check out these 21 Day Fix results… Aly was healing from a surgery, was overweight and felt emotionally drained. She lost 10 pounds and 7 inches in only 21 days. She says: It was simple, no calorie counting or guessing. My favorite part was that I didn’t have to weight my food.”

Amy struggled with exercise for years trying to find a plan she could stick to. She had two kids and decided to commit to 21 Day Fix. She used 21 Day Fix for 5 months, and used her containers even on her rests between rounds. She lost 17.6 pounds and 19.1 inches. She says: I could not believe the foods I could eat and still lose weight. I have so much more energy. My favorite part is that they’re only 30-minute workouts.”

By Ordering Today, You’ll Also Have Access To The Following FREE Gifts:

3 Day Quick Fix

3 Day Quick Fix

This will allow you to quickly lose weight in 3 short days. This can easily get you ready for a wedding, a reunion, a family gathering, or any other event where you want to look your best. Plus, in this 3 Day Quick Fix you’ll use a top secret oil to help you increase your metabolism and give you more energy so that you can lose those few extra pounds quickly and easily!

Beachbody on Demand

Beachbody on Demand

You’ll get free access to Beachbody on Demand for 30 days. With Beachbody on Demand you’ll have access to over $2,500 worth of Beachbody workouts! This means you’ll have instant 24/7 online access to your 21 Day Fix program and also workouts like Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, Rockin’ Body, Brazil Butt Lift, TurboFire, P90X, and over 15 other complete workouts & nutrition guides! So you can start working out with the 21 Day Fix right now! This is a value of $38.87 and it’s yours FREE…

21 Day Fix: 60 Mind-Blowing Recipes & Tips

21 Day Fix Approved: 60 Mind-Blowing Recipes & Tips

With the 60 Mind-Blowing Recipes & Tips you’ll be able to create something new every day that you and your family will enjoy and drool over… You’ll get delicious meal and treat recipes that are 100% 21 Day Fix approved! Plus, you’ll have access to fitness tips and resources that will keep you on track to losing the weight you desire!

(will be emailed to you after you order)

Remember: You’ve been struggling with your weight loss for far too long… and the pain of continuing in a state of inaction will only lead to more despair, more feelings of unworthiness, more frustration, and continued weight gain…

Yet, all of this can change the moment you begin applying the super simple principles in the 21 Day Fix System. Picture the moment you finally have the answer you’ve been looking for and begin the path to achieving the body you always desired…

You feel alive… Full of hope and optimism… You see the weight coming off in the bathroom mirror today and every morning after… You are experiencing the energy, vitality, and life-renewing results you deserve at long last!

Yes, it’s true: your weight gain, up until today, has largely been no fault of your own. It’s true you’ve been lied to by all the quick pill solutions. The fad “Hollywood” diets and the false promises no one stands behind…

However, today marks your day to take responsibility. To take the action necessary to put an end to the lies, and begin anew on a true lifestyle- friendly weight loss plan that simply works!

And unlike those phony solutions, this one is guaranteed to work: Try it for 30 full days and see the results you desire or you pay absolutely nothing! Take advantage of my unconditional:

TRIPLE GUARANTEE: Just try the 21 day fix system for yourself for a full 30 days… If you do not drop the weight you expect in those 30 short days… OR… If you do not lose at least 10% of unwanted body weight in the first 21 days… Or… Even if you don’t like the way the books and workouts are designed!… The font face used… you name it… I’ll gladly refund every penny… No questions, no hassles!

By ordering the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack today, you’ll be joining thousands of other 21 Day Fixers who are seeing incredible results…

Like Laura who felt miserable with her body – she had tried lots of meal plans before, but none seemed to work. With nothing to lose, she figured she would give the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack a chance. She lost 15.6 pounds and 9.5 inches in 21 days! She says: “My goal was to fit into a pair of skinny jeans that I purchased in December that didn’t fit in the first place. I never thought I’d fit in them after just 21 days!

21 Day fix results - RuthOr like Ruth who avoided the beach and pools because she didn’t want to wear a bathing suit. She felt inspired after seeing other people’s transformations who tried the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack. In 3 rounds, she lost 33 pounds! Now she loves trying on clothes and doesn’t hide from cameras. She says: “I used to get very frustrated with my abdominal area. I thought the only way to fix it was surgery, but the exercises targeted it, and it was the first area that toned up. I was able to do it with 21 Day Fix.”

The price of the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack sold by itself is valued at $228.56, without the bonuses… However, just for stopping by today, I have a much better deal coming your way. Of course you could choose to just continue on the path you’re on right now…

And pay 10… 20… maybe even 100 times this much money in the near future in the form of more expensive food (yes, this system will probably save you money on food!). Or those new clothes… not the “fun fashionable clothes”… No. These are the ones you are forced to buy as your hips, thighs, and waist continue to get bigger and bigger.

And let’s not even talk about the medical bills, medication costs, and time off work that will eventually happen if you just keep doing what you’re doing now. So let’s make this a really easy decision, okay?

You will not be paying the retail value of the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack and the bonuses… Your total investment today, which includes the “21 Day Fix Challenge Pack” system, and all the bonuses you see above is now…

Only 1 Payment Of Just $160!
On Sale til the End of June 2015 for $140!

Click on the “Add To Cart” button below to get your Discounted Price!

Order 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack!Order 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

Remember: The 21 Day Fix System is not just some weight loss program. It’s designed to help you create your own healthy meals so that you know how to eat the right amount of food to experience more energy, better concentration, improved health, and of course start seeing the body of your dreams in the bathroom mirror!

You’ve heard from a few everyday women… folks just like you who have seen incredible success with the 21 day fix system. Now, let’s hear from a few more…

21 Day Fix Results - DevonDevon felt the quality of her life deteriorating slowly everyday. She felt like she had to give up more and more everyday as she got larger and larger. With 21 Day Fix system she lost 50 pounds and 32.5 inches in 5 rounds! She says: “It has completely changed my body and therefore my life and how I see myself. How strong I feel and look is what I’m most proud of.

Rondi couldn’t keep up with her kids. She decided to try 21 Day Fix because of the testimonials she saw. She lost 21 pounds and can now keep up with her kids without any problems! She says: Eating healthy and exercising daily isn’t as hard as I thought. I even use the containers with my husband and kids. It’s been a great experience for all of us.”

Yara hated looking in the mirror as she got dressed and worst yet she hated clothes shopping because she could never find anything that looked good on her… She lost 14.6 pounds and 13 inches in 42 days! She says: “I cannot believe how good I feel. I have more energy. I feel strong. I don’t get winded carrying my children up the stairs. I had no idea I could feel this good again after having kids.21 Day Fix results - Kaylee

Kaylee often felt self conscious when in public, like people were judging her every move. With the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack she lost 15 pounds in 42 days! She says: This has changed my life by making healthy eating easier. I didn’t have to deprive myself of the occasional chocolate or glass of wine. I can both relax and enjoy my healthy lifestyle.”

This is now your chance to regain control of your life. With The 21 Day Fix System:

  • You’ll Start Losing Weight Even If You Think You Have A Slow Metabolism
  • You’ll Start Losing Weight In Only 21 Days
  • You’ll Do The Right Amount Exercise You Need To Do In Order To Lose Weight
  • You’ll Eat The Right Amount Of Food And Nutritional Balance To Ensure You Burn Fat And NOT Muscle
  • You’ll Eat Delicious And Tasty Food In The Correct Proportion To Ensure Weight Loss

Best of all… You’ll feel amazing every day when you get out of bed because you’ll know exactly what to do in order to get the body you desire. You won’t worry about keeping track of calories or what is healthy to eat. You’ll simply follow your Eating Plan and see the pounds falling off of you in the mirror. You’ll have more energy, feel thinner, look leaner, and be walking on air with your 21 Day Fix system…

Don’t Delay! Start Getting Your 21 Day Fix Results Now. Click On The “Add To Cart” Button Below….

Order 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack!Order 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

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