The Vegetable Hater Solution To Weight Loss & Health

Real health for vegetable haters

I have a confession to make… I hate eating vegetables… I was the child that would toss my broccoli and any other green and healthy vegetable under the table so that my dog would eat it. Did I get in trouble for doing this? Of course… Did I care? Nope. As long as I didn’t have to eat vegetables, I didn’t care!

Fast forward into the future… I became an overweight woman who hated her own body. Too many years of eating everything I enjoyed and not exercising finally caught up to me. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sleeping problems…

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It wasn’t until I was trying to play with my daughter that it really hit me that I really needed to change my ways. As my daughter and I were playing I realized I couldn’t move very much and with every few steps I had to take a break. After my third or so break, my daughter realized I couldn’t play very much and told me it was ok… that she would play on her own…

It hit me hard because I knew my daughter wanted to play, however I just couldn’t do it… I was just sitting there like a fat lump of dirt… unable to get up. Unable to enjoy my time with my daughter. That’s when I became determined that things had to turn around…

A friend of mine told me about a drink she used to successfully lose weight and she was STILL drinking it because of great it is. What was it called?… Shakeology… She said it wasn’t like other meal replacement shakes that use artificial ingredients that make you feel full. It also wasn’t just for weight loss. Instead, this shake was designed to improve my health with something they call superfoods. And honestly, I needed to turn my health around, not just lose weight…

Here Are Just 8 Benefits that I Felt with Shakeology:

1. Continuous Weight Loss Over Time

I read a lot about weight loss plateaus being an issue, however, with Shakeology I have continuously been losing weight. Over the course of 3 months, I was able to lose 15 pounds without doing any additional exercise!

I can’t wait to also include exercise because I know I’ll start losing weight even faster, then I’ll be shedding the pounds off like crazy!

2. Lowered Cholesterol

Unfortunately I have to still take high cholesterol medications right now. However, in my last visit to my Doctor, he said it was almost low enough to get off my medication. In fact, he encouraged me to keep doing what I’m doing because he hasn’t seen someone improve so much in a short period of time!

3. Lowered Blood Sugar

I wasn’t diabetic to begin with. However, my Doctor had mentioned before that it was getting in the danger zone… And today, I’m pleased to announce that my blood sugar is now far from the danger zone. And things kept getting better for me…

4. Reduced Hunger & Food Cravings

I’ve tried other meal replacement shakes… Yet, they tasted horrible and I rarely felt full with them… With Shakeology, however, I not only felt full… I also didn’t want sweets as I normally do and I LOVE SWEETS!!! I know this will help you too!

5. Healthier Skin, Hair, & Nails

I’ll be honest, since I don’t like eating many fruits and vegetables, my nails were a little brittle, my skin was dry, and my hair was dull. Within the first month I started seeing huge improvements in my nails, hair, and skin. My nails don’t break as easy, my hair is fuller and shinier, and my skin is smoother and is finally cleared up…

6. Increased Energy and Stamina

Even though I’m not exercising, I gotten so much more energy than I have ever felt in my life! I don’t think I even had this much energy when I was a child. I’m now keeping up with my daughter, getting out of bed full of energy, and even have better concentration!

7. Boosted Immune System

Before drinking Shakeology, I felt like I would get sick every few months with a cold or flu. I used to miss a lot of work. Since drinking Shakeology, I can’t remember the last time I miss work because of sickness!

8. Improved Digestion & Regularity

I know I wasn’t eating right… I know I needed more fiber in my diet… I know I had stomach problems… Yet, I did nothing about it. I’m ever so grateful that Shakeology was able to make me regular…

Shakeology has been able to help me so much and I know it will help you as well. Shakeology can help you get your life back… Help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol, give you more energy, and much more…

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While I was able to lose weight without exercise, I know I could have lost weight faster if I had exercised as well… And I plan to add a exercise routine in the near future…. However, you may want faster weight loss results than me. In that case, I was able to find cheap workout programs that include Shakeology with it at a HUGE discount! These programs are not normally shared with the public, yet I was able to find a link for it below…

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I hated vegetables and still do. Yet, I got my health back by making a small change. Check it out here:

I hated vegetables and still do. Yet, I got my health back by making a small change. Check it out here:

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